About The Remonstrance

Hector in deep thought

The Remonstrance is a weekly updated webcomic which depicts the adventures of various characters living their atypical, often amoral, lives in 21st century America. It focuses on the family of Hector and Petra Longaramus, a married animal couple from New York.

I hope this family comic serves not only to entertain, but also to educate. I feel a bit sad that, despite all of the informational advantages of today's Internet age, we seem to have less and less patience for reading books and for increasing our literary vocabularies. To ameliorate this situation, I put a vocabulary word in each comic strip, which you can look up by clicking on the comic image.

My humble comic certainly won't halt our society's accelerating slide into illiteracy, but maybe... just maybe, it can make my readers feel intellectually superior to the common webcomics-reading scum.