A Flashcard Program

FlashCardigan is a very simple web-based flashcard program, written in Python as a CGI script.


Uncompress the source package and put the contents under the content root of a web server, e.g. Apache, that can run CGI scripts and is configured to recognize files with the .cgi suffix. Also since the script is written in the Python programming language, your server must have Python installed and in the execution path.


You can modify the vocabulary cards by editing the data.py file. It is written in Python, but the structure is simple enough to figure out without extensive Python knowledge. The cards variable is a Dictionary whose Keys are category names (e.g. 'kitchen'), and whose Values are 'card' Dictionaries. These embedded Dictionaries consist of a Key, representing the front of a card (e.g. 'pot'), and a Value, representing the back of the card (e.g. 'el caldero').

- Drake Emko