Celeste's Most Unfortunate Morning - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-09-21. Word of the day: poltroon
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Panel 1
Action: Celeste stands in the corridors of Hector's place of employment, DinornisTech.
Celeste: I am Mr. Longaramus's daughter. Can I please see his secretary?
Probo Drosophilus: Well little girl, your dad isn't at work yet, but Ms. Terrorbird is just down the hall.

Panel 2
Celeste: Ms. Terrorbird? I need to ask you to stop making my mom jealous.
Ms. Terrorbird: What? Why you little...

Panel 3
Ms. Terrorbird: You can tell your dumb bitch mom that your dad is a craven poltroon, and that she can shove....

Panel 4
Narration: Confused and scared shouts are heard in the background: Good lord! / What is that?!
Ms. Terrorbird: she can...
Celeste: Ms. Terrorbird?

Panel 5
Narration: More scared and panicked voices can be heard in the background: Good lord! / What is that?! Ms. Terrorbird's eyes widen in shock.
Ms. Terrorbird: Child, come here... let me hold you. No, don't look.

Panel 6
Ms. Terrorbird: Your parents love you very much. Don't look.
Action: The camera zooms out from Ms. Terrorbird's window view, to show the side of the office building. It is the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. An American Airlines commercial plane is shown, moments from colliding into Celeste's and Ms. Terrorbird's floor.

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