A Woman Has Her Secrets - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-07-19. Word of the day: sequela
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Panel 1
Action: Hector and his pretty date, Lucinda, sit at the local Cafe.
Hector: We've been on seven dates so far, and I have to ask: Why are you so afraid to get in bed with me?
Lucinda: To be honest... I have a sequela - an embarrassing condition that arose after a yeast infection...

Panel 2
Lucinda: ...And I'm afraid you'll think I'm ugly when you see me... down there.
Hector: Oh Lucinda, I think you're beautiful no matter what! Let's fuck.

Panel 3
Narration: Later...
Lucinda: Here I am, baby!
Action: Lucinda stands before Hector in the bedroom, bottomless. Her vagina is lined with slavering, sharp teeth (vagina dentata).
Hector: Oh sweet Jesus

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