Bears! - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-07-05. Word of the day: logorrhea
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Panel 1
Action: Hector and Valdosta lie in their sleeping bags, inside a closed tent.
Hector: Great idea to go camping in the Catskills, Valdosta! We can just talk like old friends, in a tent, and away from our stresses.

Panel 2
Hector: I hope you'll excuse my logorrhea tonight, old friend, but I have so much to tell you about-
Action: There is a Grrr sound from outside.
Valdosta: Wait - What's that noise?

Panel 3
Action: Two black bears pokes their heads into the tent.
Hector: Bears!!!
Valdosta: Bears!!!

Panel 4
Action: The bears enter the tent, and they rape Hector and Valdosta, doggie style.

Panel 5
Action: Afterward, we see Hector and Valdosta lying in their sleeping bags, eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling.
Hector: I hate camping.

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