Sunset - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-04-02. Word of the day: zeitgeist
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Panel 1
Lola: You know Mike, sometimes I worry about the downward spiral of our nation's Zeitgeist...

Panel 2
Lola: Bush stealing the presidency from the people, the rising popularity of a TV show like Survivor, the decline of literacy and decency in our teenagers... is our future doomed?

Panel 3
Mike: As long as people can be good friends like us, the future can't be all that bad, right Lola?
Lola: You know Mike, you've got a great way of putting things in perspective.
Action: Mike and Lola get up and walk into the horizon as the sun sets on the beach. Mike has left a stick drawing of a smiling face in sand.

Panel 4
Action: Mike and Lola are no longer in the frame. The sand drawing slowly erodes as the ocean waves lap at it.

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