Bedtime in the Longaramus Household - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-04-16. Word of the day: crepitant
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Panel 1
Voice: Hector, stop rubbing against me! That's gross - and I'm trying to sleep.
Voice: Shhh honey - just go back to sleep.

Panel 2
Voice: What is that noise? Is that the crepitant sound of a condom wrapper opening? Are you planning to try something on me in my sleep?!? I'm turning on the light!
Voice: No honey - wait!

Panel 3
Action: The light turns on to reveal Petra in bed, alongside a very naked Craisin. His erect penis is wrapped in a condom.
Petra: What the - where's my husband?!?
Craisin: I don't know! Your door was unlocked!

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