Watch Out for Squirrels - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-09-24. Word of the day: agrestic
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Panel 1
Hector: Ah, the agrestic tranquility of Central Park. Now this is a wholesome father-daughter outing!
Celeste: What is that squirrel doing?

Panel 2
Action: A seedy looking squirrel sits in a tree, his back turned, and leers at Celeste while obviously masturbating.

Panel 3
Hector: I think maybe this park is not so wholesome after all. Let's get some ice cream, Celeste.

Panel 4
Action: Hector and Celeste stand outside an ice cream shop, holding cones. Celeste's cone is dripping a bit.
Hector: OK, this is more like it!
Celeste: I gave my ice cream to Mr. Squirrel. He wanted to give me a special butterscotch topping!

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