Valdosta's Hot Date - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-10-15. Word of the day: frisson
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Panel 1
Valdosta: I've got a hot date tonight buddy, but I'm a little nervous about giving a good first impression.

Panel 2
Hector: Well, I can tell you from experience that the ladies love the frisson of a romantic surprise.
Valdosta: Good idea!

Panel 3
Narration: That night...
Action: Daisy wanders hesitatingly into a dark room.
Daisy: Um... Valdosta? You asked me to meet you at this address? Are you there?

Panel 4
Action: Valdosta appears out of the shadows, illuminating his face with a flashlight while shooting a pistol into the air. Blam! Daisy starts and drops her flowers.
Valdosta: Surprise!

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