Hector's Spectacular Endurance Trick - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-11-19. Word of the day: redact
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Panel 1
Action: Hector and Petra lie naked together in bed, positioned missionary style.
Petra: Hector, I need you to last for more than a minute here. How about you think about baseball or something?
Hector: Baseball, eh? OK...

Panel 2
Hector: OK, it's the bottom of the sixth, and Juan Pierre is behind in the count, with a man in scoring position. Schilling throws a blistering slider with a wicked topspin. Pierre, ranked 4th in the majors against right handed pitchers, connects hard... yes! He drives the ball straight into the bleachers, yes, Yes! Yes!

Panel 3
Hector: Home run!!! Unghh!!!
Action: Hector comes, spraying a glorious and resplendent rainbow colored fountain.

Panel 4
Petra: Let me redact my baseball suggestion.

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