Wortle's First Cigarette - The Remonstrance comic for 2008-03-03. Word of the day: immolation
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Panel 1
Skippy: OK runt, you ain't cool until you have smoked a cigarette.
Wortle: I earnestly wish to be cool!

Panel 2
Wortle: Whoa! My head feels so light...

Panel 3
Action: Wortle's head rotates counterclockwise.
Wortle: Gah...

Panel 4
Wortle: Hooooot.... I'm seeing....

Panel 5
Wortle: Skippy, you will die in late adolescence, in a horrifying act of self-immolation, involving a plastic bag, a gallon of kerosene, and a Zippo lighter, after breaking up with your 37 year old gay lover.

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