Valdosta's Guide to Replevying the Girl of Your Dreams - The Remonstrance comic for 2008-03-17. Word of the day: replevying
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Panel 1
Narration: Valdosta's Guide to Replevying the Girl of Your Dreams. by Valdosta Filkollins. Copyright 2001.

Panel 2
Narration: Step 1. Wear a disguise to re-enter her house.
Action: Valdosta stands at Daisy's doorstep. He is dressed as a plumber and wears a fake mustache.
Valdosta: I'm-a here to fix-a you plumbing.

Panel 3
Narration: Step 2. Install a spy camera in the girlfriend's showerhead.
Action: Valdosta stands on a step stool in Daisy's bathtub. He is fiddling with the showerhead.
Valdosta: Ah, eet's a perfecto!

Panel 4
Narration: Step 3. Learn her habits, learn how to win back her heart.
Action: Valdosta and Craisin are parked behind a computer, watching the webcam.
Valdosta: So, she's putting on perfume, eh? It says BCBG on the bottle...

Panel 5
Valdosta: Excellent - I will woo her back with a bottle of expensive BCBG perfume!
Craisin: Can we watch her take a dump again?

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