Nocturne - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-02-02. Word of the day: purdah
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Panel 1
Action: It is night. Hector stands on a street corner, holding a lit cigarette. A row of streetlights, stretching into the horizon, illuminates the night. We hear a "Poof!" as the furthest streetlight goes out.

Panel 2
Action: The second farthest streetlight goes out with a "Poof!". The darkness approaches Hector.

Panel 3
Action: Another streetlight goes out with a "Poof!", leaving only one light to illuminate Hector. We can see glowing feline or reptilian eyes approaching Hector in the darkness, from the direction of the extinguished lamps.

Panel 4
Action: The last light goes out, leaving Hector in the dark. The pair of glowing yellow eyes is now right next to him.
Princess SLIder: The night is my purdah. It consumes me as it will you, Mr. Longaramus.

Panel 5
Action: The eyes disappear, leaving Hector to contemplate his thoughts alone in the utter darkness.

Panel 6
Hector: I think I want to go on a cruise. It's been a while...

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