Ms. Terrorbird Delivers the Good News - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-06-15. Word of the day: whinging
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Panel 1
Petra: What are you doing here, you home-wrecking, husband fellating Jezebel!
Ms. Terrorbird: Stop your whinging, four eyes. I'm here to bring good news.

Panel 2
Ms. Terrorbird: Hector, apparently your idiotic "Turd Burglar" ad campaign is working. There is a whole demographic of messed up people lined up to buy that disturbing video game.

Panel 3
Ms. Terrorbird: We have our programmers working full time converting the existing "Cat Burglar" game to your disgusting version. This will be our biggest seller yet!

Panel 4
Hector: Wow - Petra... I don't suppose you'd want to celebrate with dinner and some wine?
Action: Petra stands, fists clenched, steaming with anger.

Panel 5
Narration: Soon...
Action: Ms. Terrorbird and Hector are still standing in the kitchen, but Petra is gone. Hector has a knife in his neck and a black eye. Ms. Terrorbird has a fork stuck in her eye.
Ms. Terrorbird: You are an idiot.

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