Mike is a Toastmaster - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-06-22. Word of the day: sesquipedalian
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Panel 1
Action: We see Mike standing at a podium on a nice, sunny day.
Mike: My friends, I am here today to give my first Toastmasters speech. All my life I have tended to be shy and bookish.

Panel 2
Mike: While my writing has verged on the sesquipedalian and baroque, my public speaking efforts have been mired in hems, haws, and nervous monosyllabic utterances.

Panel 3
Mike: I am pleased to find that my trepidation is no more, now that I have found a brotherhood of like-minded aspiring orators.

Panel 4
Mike: To you, my new friends, I can bare my soul with unfettered eloquence. Thank you for taking me into your nourishing community.

Panel 5
Action: View pans out to show a seated crowd of dead and hanging cats in the audience. Mike waits expectantly for applause.

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