Valdosta's Plane Ride (the Friendly Seatmate) - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-08-03. Word of the day: gauche
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Panel 1
Narration: Valdosta takes the next flight home to New York...
Pig Handley: Since we're seatmates, I should warn you that I have Alien Hand Syndrome.

Panel 2
Pig Handley: It's a serious disease where my right hand has a mind of its own... oops there it goes!
Action: Pig Handley's hoof starts to jerk and move. Valdosta looks discomfited.

Panel 3
Pig Handley: Oh dear! It scooped feces straight out of my colon! I hope you don't think me gauche - it's the A.H.S. I swear!
Action: Pig Handley holds a steaming pile of feces in his hoof.

Panel 4
Pig Handley: Oh sir, I'm so sorry - now it's going to shove my feces into your colon... oh dear!
Action: Pig Handley's hoof elongates toward Valdosta, profering the repulsive poop uncomfortably close to the mouse.
Valdosta: Stewardess!

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