Valdosta Returns to NYC - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-07-28. Word of the day: ding an sich
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Panel 1
Hector: (on phone) Valdosta, my old friend, how I miss your company. Petra is on the warpath, and I could really use some of your sage advice on women.

Panel 2
Valdosta: (on phone) Ah women... they are the original, unknowable "ding an sich" to us men...

Panel 3
Valdosta: But you're in luck, buddy. I am returning to the city tonight!
Hector: That's great! But didn't you say you were making a killing selling homemade anti-depressants in Florida?

Panel 4
Valdosta: Yeah... let's not talk about that right now...
Action: We see a woman with a hideously large smile, stretching her mouth to an unnatural degree. Tears and blood drip from her pained eyes.
Woman Client: Please... Kill me now.

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