Will Supply Encomiums for Food - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-07-20. Word of the day: encomium
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Panel 1
Action: Hobo Dog is standing on a street corner. He holds a sign that reads: Will Supply Encomiums for Food. Hector reads the sign and thinks for a second.

Panel 2
Hector: What will you do if I give you a 14" feta cheese pizza... and a shot of Hungarian submariner-grade heroin?
Action: Hobo Dog starts to grin happily.

Panel 3
Action: Hobo Dog opens his mouth wide. Disconcerting colors begin to swirl within his maw. Hector gawks uneasily.

Panel 4
Action: Rainbows with grasping and colorful tendrils shoot out of Hobo Dog's mouth. Smiling bunnies leap out of his orifice holding blood-red Valentine hearts for Hector.

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