Petra the Office Flirt - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-07-13. Word of the day: virago
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Panel 1
Action: Petra sits in her office at Stairhaus, Inc. She is fuming with anger.
Petra: The nerve of Hector! I can't believe my husband would philander with that slutty virago of a secretary.

Panel 2
Petra: Well two can play at that game. I'll just initiate an office romance of my own!

Panel 3
Von Mastic: Petra, have you finished that new stairway design yet?
Petra: OK I remember how to flirt... just bend over and artfully show a little cleavage.

Panel 4
Petra: Oh sure - let me just bend over and get the blueprint. (wink!)
Action: Petra bends over sexily and exposes her cleavage. The strap on her dress starts to fall down her shoulder. Von Mastic can't help but to stare.

Panel 5
Action: Petra stands holding the blueprint. Her breast is hanging out of her dress, totally exposed due to a "wardrobe malfunction." Von Mastic's jaw hangs open. Petra is blushing profusely.
Petra: I could use a little work on the "artful" part.

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