The Wisdom of Wortle's Dead Mom - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-08-24. Word of the day: callow
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Panel 1
Action: Wortle and his father, Lortle, sit at the dinner table with a tasty rabbit dish on each of their plates.
Wortle: Father, you know how I have this ability to see people's fates?
Lortle: Hoo, yes son, it's very disconcerting!

Panel 2
Wortle: I feel I need to tell someone their fate, but I know that trying to change the future never works.
Lortle: Son, you should ask your mother about philosophical subjects such as this. She was always smarter than me.

Panel 3
Wortle: Um, Father, you know that mother has been dea-
Lortle: Have some respect, you callow rapscallion! She's sitting right here! Ask her! Hoooo!!!

Panel 4
Action: Wortle looks uncomfortably across the table at an eerie broomstick and pillow construct, representing his deceased mother.
Wortle: ...

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