A Heartbreaking Tale of Staggering Paternal Love - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-10-07. Word of the day: taphephobia
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Panel 1
Action: Hector stares at the ruins of the newly fallen World Trade Center. Wortle runs up to him.
Wortle: There you are Mr. Longaramus!

Panel 2
Wortle: Oh I have terrible news... Celeste was in the World Trade Center when the plane hit!
Action: Hector starts at the news, obviously alarmed.

Panel 3
Hector: I have to find her!
Action: Hector runs off toward the wreckage.
Wortle: No!

Panel 4
Narration: Later...
Wortle: I would have gone with him, but I have taphephobia.
Action: Hector returns, running from the distant disaster scene and cradling something in his arms.

Panel 5
Hector: I found her... I think, I think she's OK.
Action: A distraught Hector displays the charred, mutilated, and obviously dead body of a small cat - presumably Celeste.

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