The Heroic Decision of Wortle - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-11-16. Word of the day: truculence
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Panel 1
Bee Line: You have a special power, young Wortle. It is time for you to decide whether to use it for good.
Wortle: I... I don't know-

Panel 2
Bee Line: Even as we speak, the forces of evil - greed, ignorance, and nationalistic truculence - are coalescing.

Panel 3
Bee Line: But at the same time, heroes like you and I are banding together to fight them. Will you stand up for what is right?

Panel 4
Wortle: Miss Bee Line, when you put it that way... Yes, yes I will!
Action: Unseen by Wortle, undead Celeste shambles toward the young owl from behind.
Bee Line: Wortle, behind you!

Panel 5
Action: Bee Line has unfurled her wings and is ready for action. Celeste projectile vomits green, toxic sludge onto Wortle's face.

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