Mike's Puppet Theater, Act II - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-02-01. Word of the day: pecuniary
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Panel 1
Action: We see a theater stage with closed velvet curtains.
Narration: Mike's Charity Puppet Theater. Today is KiDZ day - bring the children for free! Welcome to Act II: A Theatrical Tribute to Hobbes's Leviathan.

Panel 2
Action: The curtains part to reveal something ominous and photorealistic rising from the bottom of the stage.
Narration: From the muck of savagery and ignorance rises a gargantuan being of fearsome mien.

Panel 3
Action: The subject continues rising until we see... the top of a head?
Narration: His supreme power keeps you in awe, and ties you by fear of punishment to the performance of your covenants.

Panel 4
Action: The subject rises to where we can see it is a decapitated pig head.
Narration: This sovereign has the right to reward his people with riches and honour; or to punish them with corporal or pecuniary punishment or ignominy.

Panel 5
Action: The pig head's eyes open to reveal eerie, glowing blue orbs.
Narration: Which do you deserve, you heathen; you of the unwashed masses?

Panel 6
Action: The pig head vomits a stream of putrid liquid waste directly at the audience. People in the audience shout in panic: Help!! Oh my God!! Aaargh!!

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