Dixon Gets a Makeover - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-03-11. Word of the day: antimacassar
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Panel 1
Action: Hector carries an unconscious dog over his shoulder. Valdosta, curious, looks at him.
Hector: I found Petra's new boyfriend, Dixon, and "convinced" him to join us before their date tonight.
Valdosta: Well let's not keep him waiting, give our friend a seat!

Panel 2
Action: Dixon sits unconscious on Valdosta's overstuffed couch.
Valdosta: Whoa - dude's quite handsome!
Hector: Yeah, a little too handsome for someone seeing my wife... let's give him a makeover, hey?

Panel 3
Hector: It's time to use my surgeon skills...
Valdosta: Watch it! You're dripping blood on my antimacassar!

Panel 4
Narration: Soon, Dixon slowly awakes...
Action: Dixon's eyes and his mouth are sewn shut. His eyebrows are shaved, and he wears a Hitler mustache and a mohawk haircut. Horrifically, he has newly attached tentacles for arms.
Dixon: I... I feel strange... where am I? Why can't I open my m-

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