Betty-Jo's Big Ride - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-04-26. Word of the day: ad misericordiam
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Panel 1
Action: Betty-Jo, obese and unsanitary, belching and huffing, rides her Rascal scooter toward the street corner. Hector is standing in the foreground.

Panel 2
Action: Betty-Jo bumps into Hector with her scooter.
Hector: Hey, watch where you're-

Panel 3
Action: Hector turns around and sees how pitiful Betty-Jo looks, with drool dribbling down her chin, and with her gobs of fat overflowing her beleaguered Rascal scooter.

Panel 4
Action: Hector feels sorry for Betty-Jo and looks contrite.
Hector: Oh hey, I'm so sorry. Let me get out of your way ma'am, and please let me give you the rest of my donut.

Panel 5
Betty-Jo: My life ain't no ad misericordiam! This ain't no ad misericordiam!

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