What Women Want - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-05-17. Word of the day: lapidary
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Panel 1
Action: Man and Woman are sitting at the dinner table.
Man: I remember 10 years ago you told me that your biggest fantasy was to get drugged, locked into a stone coffin, and then buried alive.
Woman: !!!

Panel 2
Man: You're feeling sleepy and mute because I drugged your prawn soup. Tonight your fantasy will finally come true!
Woman: No, no! I said that that was my greatest fear! My fantasy was to meet Michael Stipe of R.E.M.!
Action: Woman slumps down in her seat, drugged into a stupor.

Panel 3
Woman: You have my fear and my fantasy mixed up... can't talk... getting sleepy...
Action: The man carries the woman's body to an open casket.
Man: I have been working on my lapidary skills for years, and I finally created the perfect stonework box for your body.

Panel 4
Action: Man fills in an open grave with a shovel.
Man: I will dig you out after a full week has passed. You can thank me then, my love..
Woman: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

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