Le Chat Miserable - The Remonstrance comic for 2010-05-31. Word of the day: bloviate
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Panel 1
Morbidly Obese Woman: Time to eat more food cat!
Ignatius: No! I'm full and I'm too obese already!

Panel 2
Morbidly Obese Woman: Don't you bloviate at me, smart ass cat! If you don't eat this, you will die!

Panel 3
Narration: After dinner
Action: Ignatius lies, stuffed with food, on the windowsill. He stretches his paw to touch the window glass, wistfully looking at the sunny day outside.
Ignatius: The sunshine... The grass... how I long...
Ignatius: Burp!

Panel 4
Narration: One hour later...
Morbidly Obese Woman: Time to eat, kitty! Food is mandatory!
Ignatius: I want to die.

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