Hector's New Hand - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-06-25. Word of the day: lacuna
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Panel 1
Valdosta: I hope you like the syringe hand I built to replace the discomfiting lacuna that existed below your wrist.

Panel 2
Hector: Cool! I feel like Edward Scissorhands, but more awesome... Let me give this thing a spin with some Grade A Bengali PCP.
Valdosta: Um, hold on there buddy...

Panel 3
Valdosta: You'll want to switch out that needle first. It's just a prototype I stole from my junkie roomate. Heh, you just gave yourself hepatitis C.
Action: Hector, in the process of injecting himself, starts and looks upset.

Panel 4
Action: Hector lunges with his syringe hand and stabs Valdosta in the eye.
Hector: Now you've got the "C"!

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