Wortle's Donut Shop - The Remonstrance comic for 2007-12-18. Word of the day: niggardly
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Panel 1
Petra: Isn't it charming to see Wortle and Celeste on their play date?
Father of Wortle: Ah yes - hoot, I think they're playing "donut shop." Very cute indeed!

Panel 2
Celeste: Mr. donut man, this box of pastries seems quite niggardly. Did you know that in 13th century England, bakers accused of shortchanging their customers would have their hands cut off as punishment?

Panel 3
Celeste: This resulted in the common practice of putting 13 donuts in a box, and only charging for 12 donuts - otherwise known as the "baker's dozen." You wouldn't want your hands cut off, would you, young donut man?

Panel 4
Celeste: Would you?!?
Wortle: Jesus, no!

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