Hector the Innovative Baker - The Remonstrance comic for 2008-02-18. Word of the day: palsied
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Panel 1
Action: In the kitchen, Hector stirs batter in a bowl.
Petra: Thanks again for making cupcakes for Celeste's birthday party.
Hector: Of course my dear.

Panel 2
Action: Petra leaves the room. Hector remains, but he looks sick.
Hector: Oh man, It's been two days since I've scored PCP. I'm feeling palsied, and bad. I think I'm getting...

Panel 3
Action: Hector vomits violently into the batter bowl.
Hector: Glurgh... Rolf!

Panel 4
Petra: Isn't that batter a little chunky?
Hector: I had to improvise a little. The kids will love it.

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