Lola Has Boy Troubles - The Remonstrance comic for 2008-02-11. Word of the day: recidivism
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Panel 1
Action: Lola is talking on the phone to her friend.
Lola: Oh Janice, I'm so upset. I broke up with Mike because he ate half of my brother and used the other half for a table stand. His cruelty and sociopathic recidivism scares me!

Panel 2
Janice: Oh, give him another chance Lola. He made a dumb mistake, but he's a great guy underneath it all.
Lola: What? Are you serious?

Panel 3
Action: We see Janice nervously holding a phone. Mike stands behind her, pointing a gun to her head.
Janice: Um, yes.
Mike: Say it...

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