Valdosta Pitches Amway to a Familiar Face - The Remonstrance comic for 2008-07-21. Word of the day: ennui
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Panel 1
Action: Valdosta is seated on a couch, pointing to an easel which depicts a pyramid scheme.
Valdosta: So as you can see, while you develop a downline, your revenues will continue to increase. You will accumulate a fortune, and you can quit the crushing ennui of your current job.

Panel 2
Action: Mike is revealed, sitting on a chair across from Valdosta.
Mike: That sounds OK, but I am thinking of starting my own business. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Panel 3
Action: Mike whips out a cat's head stuck onto a popsicle stick.
Mike: It is called the "Cat-sicle", and the idea is to serve up frozen, be-hatted feline heads on a stick. They are delicious and they are a bona-fide ground floor investment opportunity.

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