Is Hector Cut Out to be a Salesman? - The Remonstrance comic for 2008-09-15. Word of the day: tyro
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Panel 1
Action: Hector and Valdosta speak to each other over the phone.
Valdosta: Hey buddy, are you still looking for a job?
Hector: Yeah, I'm getting sick of begging for change in the washroom.

Panel 2
Valdosta: I decided to pursue my own business scamming people into buying Amway. You should apply for my old sales job at DinornisTech.

Panel 3
Hector: But I would be a mere tyro at sales.
Valdosta: Not a problem. I wrote detailed instructions on how to excel at sales on my website. Write down this URL...

Panel 4
Narration: Later...
Action: Hector sits at his computer desk. On the monitor, we see he has opened the site, in all its horrible, graphic splendor.
Hector: What the-

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