Hector's Ingenious Video Game Ad Campaign - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-03-03. Word of the day: au poivre
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Panel 1
Hector: Ms. Terrorbird, please create 1000 copies of the new poster ad I made for our video game.
Ms. Terrorbird: Whatever, loser.
Action: Hector hands her his poster ad.

Panel 2
Hector: I'll need you to send them to all our retail outlets in the tri-state-
Ms. Terrorbird: What the- this is disgusting! What's wrong with you, you creep?

Panel 3
Hector: Hey, I admit it's a messed up game, but I didn't make it! Mr. Drosophilus put me in charge of its marketing, so suck it Terrorbird.

Panel 4
Narration: Soon...
Narration: Poster of Turd Burglar: Depicts burglar with mask and standard issue striped prison garb. Subtitle: "An exciting new 'video' game by DinornisTech (Ad by Hector)" Text: "Burlge turds for lecherous fun and profit!" We see the burglar running off with a turd from a man's behind. He is licking his lips. The man says, "Hey!" Text: "Dine on burgled turds au poivre... but don't let the chef catch you!" We see the burglar holding a knife and fork, tucking into the turd on a plate. An angry chef looms ominously in periphery.

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