Wortle's New Power is Illuminated - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-12-07. Word of the day: fetid
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Panel 1
Action: Wortle wakes up in his bed.
Wortle: Was it all a dream? Did the zombified corpse of Celeste really spew a fetid torrent of toxic waste into my face?

Panel 2
Wortle: Ow! Why is my head starting to hurt so much? Why am I seeing an intense point of light?

Panel 3
Wortle: Wait... maybe this a manifestation of a new superpower, enabled by Celeste's toxic vomit! If I just concentrate on that point of light...
Action: Wortle squints his eyes in concentration.

Panel 4
Action: Wortle's head explodes, suddenly and violently. Disturbing debris, including his beak, twisted glasses, and brain matter splatter outward.

Panel 5
Action: Wortle, headless, remains in a sitting position, while his exploded guts drip from the walls.

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