Wortle Gets A Head - The Remonstrance comic for 2009-12-14. Word of the day: ontological
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Panel 1
Action: We see darkness all around. Wortle's musings appear as isolated thought balloons.
Wortle: Strange - after my head exploded, I should be dead. But I can still feel myself sitting here.

Panel 2
Action: We see a couple points of light edging in through the darkness.
Wortle: This presents an ontological conundrum. Can my self truly exist without a head? A soul without a brain?

Panel 3
Action: We can see through two slitted openings - eyeholes - a room coming into focus.
Wortle: Wait- I can see... I have eyes and I have a head. My head is just really small and it's gradually growing...

Panel 4
Action: We see Wortle sitting on his bed. Blood and guts cover the walls of his bedroom. Wortle's head is conspicuously tiny.

Panel 5
Action: The scene switches to the Cafe. Bee Line is seated across from Wortle.
Wortle: So that's my new super power. I can make my head explode and then grow it back.
Bee Line: Useful!

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